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Why Choose Furology Mobile Grooming?



As you may have guessed, mobile dog grooming has many benefits for both you and your pet. It is significantly less stressful for them, there are no cages or kennels, no other dogs barking (which can cause high anxiety in some pets), and they will be groomed straight through minimizing time spent away from the comforts of home. Most clients find this service to be extremely convenient as well. Whether you are at home for the groom or you require a “latchkey” appointment, Furology provides the convenience of front door service eliminating multiple trips to and from the grooming salon. 

Our state-of-the-art grooming van has every amenity you would find in a brick and mortar grooming salon…except the kennels, of course! Our professionally converted 2018 Ford Transit van boasts a full-size stainless tub, electric grooming table, a 50-gallon fresh water tank (and a grey water tank), a demand water heater, and a climate-controlled environment. We are excited to give you the grand tour of the van – every new client will be given a tour along with their initial consult.


Less stress for your pet 

- No cages/kennels

- No other barking dogs

- No unnecessary time spent at the grooming salon

Convenient for you 

- No hassle of drop off/pick up

- The groomer comes to you

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